Building for Better Learning

Over the last 60 years, ICS, the Dutch Innovation Center for Schoolbuilding, has provided the vision, experience and creativity necessary to help create sustainable, flexible, efficient and effective learning and work environments – with room for change. At ICS we realize that all aspects of a project are inextricably linked. Our unique multidisciplinary approach combines programming specialization, concept creation, facility management, legal/contract planning and process management.

Our methods are interactive and highly transparent, inviting and engaging you in a creative immersion process to promote understanding and clarity between you, ICS and others. ICS works to develop and strengthen key relationships between all stakeholders: financial and real estate specialists, land-use and youth-policymakers, builders, governmental agencies and more. Finely-tuned messages speak to broader constituencies to create an overall climate of common interest. From concept to construction, careful control of internal change combined with strict management of the building process allows more room for innovation, limits risks, and streamlines the entire process.

The result: ‘speed to market’ with a project that is uniquely suited to your needs, desires and vision. Why Innovation Center for Schoolbuilding? The Dutch are famous as trendsetters in the field of educational building. ICS is:

  • market leader in the Netherlands in the programming of educational facilities
  • forerunner in ‘green (sustainable) design’:
  • the greenest town hall in the Netherlands has just opened
  • the greenest school building is nearing completion
  • specialized in the development of multifunctional buildings
  • organizer of the bi-annual National School Building Award
  • member of the European Federation of Education and Administration (EFEA)
  • organizer of the European Intervisitation Program (EIP) 2012 for European school leaders, inspectors and scientists.

ICS is now building international educational projects on Aruba and in Oman.

See our international website here